Features and Benefits of 3D Matterport

Real estate photography has come of its age, and the sellers now want to see as much of the property as possible. For both buyers and sellers, technology has started playing an essential role in the real estate market. Agents looking to engage potential buyers are coming up with different ways to stand out from the crowd.

To make things look more real, the 3D Matterport is widely used in the world of real estate. This technique is being tipped as the game changer for showing a home. This trend has become relatively popular in Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta Zenith Condos have gone through the use of this technology.

Benefits of Using 3D Matterport

Here are some benefits of using 3D Matterport to market your property.

•3D Model – it creates a 3D Model of the property that helps the viewers see the home on a three-dimensional scale.

•Easy Scanning – once the entire property is scanned, the complete file can be uploaded right away.

•Multiple Properties –agents can use 3D Matterport to show their clients different properties without leaving their office.

Here, it must be noted that the 3D Matterport is different from virtual walks as it offers more insight into the property. 

Features of 3D Matter Port

Here are some essential elements that set 3D Matterport apart from other similar walkthroughs.

•Doll House – an essential feature of the 3D Matterport is its ability to show the property as a 3D image. Viewers can move the picture and see different aspects of a home. Various models are generated for each level and are merger together to allow you to see them as separate or complete units.

•Video Walkthrough – another option offered by 3D Matterport is the physical video walkthrough for buyers. By merely pushing play, the viewers can walk into each room and look at it from different perspectives.

•360-Degree Views – This option allows the potential clients to look at each room separately. The buyer can move the program to see all around the room by remaining pivoted at the same point.

•Floorplans – It is essential for the buyer to know about the dimensions of a property. Therefore, the 3D Matterport offers a clean look on at floorplans. 

The best thing about 3D Matterport is that it allows the seller to have one open house. Once the initial scan is done, there is no need for changes. Anyone can look at the home 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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